Interesting Tech Talks 1

Volker Rabe - From a Ruby on Rails Monolith to Elixir and Elm Microservices (ElixirConfEU 2016)

A Transmuting Journey: From a Ruby on Rails Monolith to Elixir and Elm Microservices

Containerd- Building a Container Supervisor - Black Belt Track

Containerd is a container supervisor that allows users to manage the lifecycle of a container as well as interact with the container while it is executing. Containerd was built to fulfill many of the requirements that we expect from a modern supervisor all while staying small and fast. In this talk, we will discuss some of the design decisions that shaped containerd’s architecture that allows it to reattach to running containers if it was killed and how it is designed to start 100s containers in seconds.

RailsConf 2016 - Turbolinks 5: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Native! by Sam Stephenson

Learn how Turbolinks 5 enables small teams to deliver lightning-fast Rails applications in the browser, plus high-fidelity hybrid apps for iOS and Android, all using a shared set of web views.

Day 2, My Microservices are not all stateless! KubeCon EU 2016

Kai Davenport works on the Developer Relations team at ClusterHQ - the creators of Flocker.

He has been busy working on the Docker volume plugin and previously was hard at work on Powerstrip - a prototyping tool for Docker extensions. In a previous life Kai was developing educational software and has been developing web-based software for 15 years.